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Letter to Pope John Paul II, dtd. 29 Oct. 2001

Revolutionary Reconciliatory Command Council of
Muslims, Christians & Jews (RRCCMC&J).
Address: 24/A, Wali Para, Joar Shahara Bazar,
DHAKA-1229, BANGLADESH.                                                                                              
Tel/Fax: (880-2) 988 14 36


Monday, 29th  October, 2001 A.D.  10th Shawal, 1422 Al Hijri.  7th Kartik, 1408, Bengali Yr.

To            : Mohtaram Pope John Paul ll,  Vatican City, Rome.

From       : Kazi Azizul Huque,  CIRB (HEZBOLLAH),  RRCCMC&J, Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon

I invoke Divine Blessings for all true believers and  true followers of Abrahamic Monotheistic Religions  who  truly  believe in  ONE ALLAH, in all HOLY SCRIPTURES ( including the Torah, the Bible and the  Quran), who believe in all the HOLY PROPHETS OF ALLAH (including Prophet Adam, Prophet Noah, Prophet Abraham,  Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad - Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon them all),  and who believe that the WHOLE MANKIND  IS THE PROGENY OF HAZRAT ADAM AND EVE (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon them) and that MANKIND BELONGS TO THE SAME RACE and that  humans are connected to each other by blood  bond.

We appreciate your efforts to save mankind from major  sins  such as  spread of materialism  and   homosexuality.  We appreciate your  efforts to promote peace and understanding among  the  followers of Abrahamic Monotheistic Religions.

You  are  the head   of  a  religious community who claims to be the follower of Holy Prophet Jesus (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).  Holy Prophet Jesus (P&BABUH) taught his companions  the highest degree of patience and tolerance and not to be revengeful.  But  the President & leaders of the USA and her   Western allies who pretend  to be  Christian or Jews are showing  highest degree of ARROGANCE, haughtiness and  injustice  against  Mohtaram OSMA BIN LADEN and  the Talebans,  while Osma and Talebans are amongst  the most pious, modest, simple and devoted slaves of God.  Mohtaram Osama and Talebans are the true Crusaders against Satanic forms and spirits.  They are amongst the finest Divine people  in  the whole mankind  today.   It is  clear  that the aim of US President and of US administration   is  to create pretext to attack and destroy the rise and establishment of Divine Authority on the Earth.  If  America and her president see  Islam as an enemy and oppose Islam,  then  they  are  not  just  in opposition to Islam,  they are in opposition to the  Will of Allah,  and  nothing  and  no  one  can  oppose  God  and   win.

In the name of  science and civilization  the elite of  the West  committed  the grave sin of  disowning   Prophet Hazrat ADAM  and  his  wife   EVE (Peace & Blessings of Allah be upon them) as THE FIRST PARENTS OF MANKIND.   The West  devised   the hypothesis of  "Origin of Species"  to rationalize atheism,  racism and colonialism.  Western Civilization is in no way Christian Civilization.  Western Civilization is rooted in the atheism and polytheism of ancient Greece.  The West is now  clearly emerging as the  ANTI-CHRIST.

Islam is no new  religion  devised by human intellect.  ISLAM is  the  Arabic  word  meaning SURRENDERING TO GOD.  All  Holy Prophets of God   since Holy Prophet Adam (Peace & Blessings of God be upon all Prophets of God)  propagated  the same religion of   surrendering to God,  though the practices and rituals may differ  from Prophet to Prophet, from community to community.  Therefore, true Christianity  and  true Judaism are nothing  but  Islam.   A true Christian Civilization would be essentially Islamic Civilization. 

The world is being divided  between true BELIEVERS and INFIDELS.  American administration  is  leading  the  infidels.   Osma bin Laden  &  Mollah Muhammad Omar are leading the believers.  We  urge  Your Holiness  to  side with  OSAMA and OMAR  for the sake of God,   and  to call your community  to shun arrogance and  to  RETURN TO GOD  and  to REPENT for their own  sins.  

With best regards and best wishes.
I remain,
An obedient slave of Allah,

Kazi Azizul Huque
Founder Convener of CIRB-Hezbollah
(International Affairs Secretary of Bangladesh Khelafat Andolon)